Repairing Your Jeans


How We Clean & Repair Used Denim

Repairs start from only $7.00 for small holes and up to $30.00 for large holes. Each pair of jeans is carefully matched with the exact threads of the original weave.

We then weave 5 to 7 individual rolls of different colored threads into the repair area, layered one by one, until the hole is concealed. Pictured below are some before and after photos of a pair of jeans without any image enhancements, washing, or colored dye.


Send your jeans to:
USA 501 Inc.
133 Arena St.
El Segundo, CA 90245

Enclose a note as to where you would like repairs made specifically, and any place you do not want repairs, as well as your contact information.

We will call you when we receive the jeans and give you a quote. Quotes range from $7.00 to $30.00 plus shipping (UPS Ground).

USA 501, Inc. 133 Arena St. El Segundo CA 90245
Please contact Petros or Jeanette for more info - 310.607.0044 - 310.607.9048 (fax) -